How a businessman with a $1.8million dollar drop in turnover and $2 million dollars in property debt transformed his finances and his life.
It is NOT a get rich quick scheme, this is a get wealthy slowly and learn how to keep it plan!

It is NOT about the latest investing trends, this is about a tried and tested formula to success.

If you follow the recipe I give you in this book, step by step, and undertake all the applications, the steps are simple. Your life will not only change financially, it will change your relationships, your health, and you will begin to make a completely different contribution on this planet. 
-Roy McDonald
This is Anton’s Story
Reason for coming to OneLife
Anton came to us in 2018 after a dramatic change in his business saw his turnover drop from $2 million plus to $200k.

As well as his business, Anton had over $3 million in property of which he owed over $2 million. The Global Financial Crisis saw a drastic decline in property value saw him with a $1.5 million dollar valuation on his property and leaving him half a million dollars in the red. 

As you can imagine, this would have been a hugely stressful time for Anton. He was working very hard and go nowhere fast. You can also imagine how this was affecting his wife, whose entire wage as a school teacher was going towards servicing the debt, but was actually not enough to service the entire debt.
The Challenge
Anton came to us with multiple challenges. We needed to look at the drastic drop in the his businesses turnover and increase his income.

With the strain on his wife servicing the massive debt we also needed to work on creating alignment with his family again. We needed to support Anton to regain his focus. 

And obviously we needed to look at how we deal with a debt where the mortgage is greater than the value of the property.
The Transformation
Anton came to our program back in 2018 looking for solutions. At first his wife was dubious, but with some gentle coaxing, she came along to the following program. 

This in itself, was a huge success, as there was alignment being brought back into a relationship that was feeling the strain of huge financial pressures. 

Through our program and our community, Anton also aligned with other people of a like mind and began to build a dream team that would ultimately fast track his success journey.
The Results
In a relatively short period of time (about 18-24 months) Anton was able to double his business income from $200k to $400k. 

With his Dream Team, Anton completed 3 property transactions with a profit of $180k.

On a journey like Anton’s family alignment and support is absolutely crucial, and eventually his young son became involved and now works as a Real Estate agent. 

In our programs we talk about having a Real Estate agent as a member of your Dream Team, and now Anton and his son work together as a dynamic team, sourcing & spotting possible property transactions. 

They are united as a family to create financial success and achieve their collective mission.

Lessons learned
Overall the biggest lesson learnt is that with alignment and a clear and powerful collective mission, you and your family can achieve what seems like the impossible. 

No matter how ‘bad’ you may think your situation is right now, how ‘stuck’ you think you are, with clarity and the right advice, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

When you have the support of a great team and you begin to educate and empower yourself you can absolutely transform your life.
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